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Friday, November 18, 2005

in a bit of a slump

i'm in a bit of a funk these days. maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the time change, maybe it's the constant mixed messages from a certain boy, maybe it's post-season slump, or maybe it's just pms. the perpetual kind. i dunno what it is, but it really doesn't bother me...it just explains why i haven't been posting (for the 4 of you who read my blog). no pictures, no races, nothing exciting, not even my job. wow, that's really boring too. but i've become very good at the expert level Spider Solitaire. so good, in fact, that i just cleared the board again today.

in a tad more exciting news i guess, i am now the new vice president of the local tri club. which, even more excitingly, is going to be debuting a new olympic distance tri RIGHT HERE IN MY TOWN! hooray! now i don't have to travel to compete with 7999 other people that distance. and even better yet, i've looked at the course, and it's where i do all my riding. whoopee!

although, in the meantime, not much else going on, just plugging away through many many books (most of which are being sent to skullygirl in a few weeks--note to skully: i am liking Urban Shaman, thanks!), and off to a hitchin' in the south suburbs of chicago this weekend. WLG promises a weekend of adventure.

since i have no pics, i will leave you with LeeLoo, since skully couldn't get her pic posted on her blog. LeeLoo is ready for The Goblet of Fire!
PeeLoo Potter