everything right is wrong again

Sunday, January 08, 2006

hey there

Nope, nothing new to report at all, really. To be honest, I don't have the time like I used to to blog, now that I have a new job. And, of course, I'd get in mondo trouble if I did blog at work (where I did most of my blogging before). Plus, nothing is really going on these days.

I am planning a trip to Vegas to see my dad, who bought a condo out there. He'll be there from Jan-March, and I'll probably visit sometime in February. He said he ran 5 miles today, and it was totally flat. He also spends time at Ceaser's and Bally's watching basketball games (for free...and he gets to ogle scantilly-clad cocktail waitresses at the same time--what's not to love?). He's still busy, as he's shopping for furnishings, continues to travel, and is looking for charities.

Still liking my new job, and making some really good friends. After all these years of living in B-N, I swore, just like most, that I would NEVER work at the Farm. Ever. And I'm really surprised how much I like it. Making the switch from the public sector to the private probably has a lot to do with it. I feel very secure in my position, and even if something were to happen to the library, I'd still have a job elsewhere in the company.

But, at the same time, being in a place where your computer activity is so highly monitored, and I can't access my email, I feel so out of touch with my friends. I'm amazed at how much I relied on email to keep in contact with all my beotches and homies. Now I feel like I have no idea what's going on in their lives. :(

Anyway, things will work out. Peace out, peeps.